These guides are available here:
Anatomy of a Contract
Artist as Bookkeeper NEW EDITION
Artist's Guide to the Visual Artists Rights Act
Copyright Basics 
Guide to Artist-Gallery Consignment Contracts
     State by state links to artist-gallery consignment statutes
Guide to Fiscal Sponsorship
Guide to Leasing Studio Space
Guide to Small Claims Court

These guides are available in print editions only:
  Guide to Board Duties and Liabilities
  Guide to Financial Oversight
  Nonprofit Incorporation Workbook
Please contact us to request one or more copies.


Arts Law Memo

For nonprofit arts organizations in Missouri and Southwestern Illinois:
Board Recruitment (2009)
How is Your Board Doing? A Self-Assessment Guide (2006)
Lessons from the Kauffman Foundation (2004)
Advisory Boards (2003)
Maintaining Trust and Accountability (2002)
The Treasurer's Report (2002)
Robert's Rules (2000)

Financial Management
Non-Resident Entertainer Tax Notes (2010)
Time for an audit? (2009)
New IRS Form 990 Makes Its Debut (2008)
News from the Friendly IRS (2007)
Savings and Investment Tips (2002)
Managing Your Cash Flow (2001)
Nonresident Entertainer Notes (1999)

Intellectual Property
The Clearance Culture & Documentary Filmmakers (2007)
Whose Play is it Anyway? (2006)
Trademark v. First Amendment (2005)
Copyright Tips for Nonprofits (2003)
Copyright Extension Challenged (2002)
The Making of a Successful Collaboration (2000)
Rock Hall v. Gentile (2000)

Nonprofit Operations
ADA Turns 20 Years Old: New Access Rules Address Theatre Seating (2010)
Thank Before You Bank: Substantiating Donations (2010)
Smoking Out Artistic Integrity (2010)
Sister Mary Reflections (2009)
MacDowell Colony Wins Property Tax Case (2008)
Elections, Lobbying & the Law (2008)
Diversity and Accessibility (2007)
Gift Acceptance Policies (2007)
Standards Mania (2006)
IRS Mandates Transparency (2006)
Sarbanes-Oxley Explained (2006)
Concealed Weapons (2004)
No-Call for Nonprofits (2003)
Negotiating Power (2003)
Americans with Disabilities Act (2003)
Getting to Maybe (mediation) (2003)
Bounced Checks: What to Do (2002)
Risk Management and Insurance (2002)
Telemarketing and E-mail Marketing (2001)

Do you need a moonlighting policy? (2011)
Evaluating the Chief Executive (2010)
Employee? Independent Contractor? (2010)
E-Verify (2009)
New Overtime Rules (2004)
Dollar Value of Volunteers (2002)
Employment Law in a Nutshell (2002)
Compensating Fundraisers (2002)
How to Fire Gracefully and Legally (2001)

Old Courthouse Bans Video Installation (2004)
Lenny Bruce's Belated Pardon (2004)

Nuts-and-bolts oversight guidance for board members. FREE copies on request

"The Hannibal Arts Council board and staff always find useful, helpful, pertinent and timely information in each Arts Law Memo. We distribute copies at board meetings and find ourselves referring to on-line issues as well. VERY helpful information for community arts agencies in rural Missouri."
Michael Gaines, executive director, Hannibal Arts Council


"Your publications are wonderful! I enjoy reading your Arts Law Memo, even though we are not a typical arts organization. As a nonprofit, we have found much of the information you publish very helpful."
Melinda Arnold, Dickerson Park Zoo, Springfield, Mo.