Our dedicated volunteer lawyers and accountants are our greatest asset. They are generous people, like you, who give their time and expertise to help artists and arts organizations. Our volunteers enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to work with creative people on interesting and stimulating legal and accounting matters. Please join us.

Get Involved

Why should you volunteer?
• To provide needed services. Thanks to VLAA's volunteers, hundreds of low-income artists and emerging arts organizations are able to pursue their creative work.
• To have fun. Volunteers enjoy working with their clients.
• To sharpen your skills. Doing pro bono work expands your areas of expertise and is a refreshing and interesting change of pace from your daily routine.
• To market yourself. Volunteer service often results in fee-generating work. You'll also have an opportunity to socialize with other volunteers at our receptions.
• To elevate your profession. The reputation and image of your profession is enhanced when you assist someone in need.

How much time is required?
Your commitment is simply to accept cases (at your convenience) and, generally, just once a year. Most assignments take less than five hours spread over several weeks.

Are there other volunteer oppportinities?
In addition to working one-on-one with clients, attorneys and accountants can:
• Recruit new volunteers;
• Accept speaking engagements or conduct a VLAA workshop;
• Write or edit VLAA publications;
• Participate in our Arts Resolution Services program as a mediator
• Supervise a law student volunteer; and
• Make a tax-deductible donation.


"I am a VLAA volunteer because I think it is a great opportunity to help artists and others in the arts community protect their work and learn how intellectual property laws affect their creations and their business."
Jennifer A. Visintine, attorney


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The arts community counts on us and we're counting on you. Your generosity will enable us to provide free legal and accounting services and affordable educational programs that go a long way towards sustaining the arts in our region.